5 Potential Busts in 2012 NBA Draft

The 2012 NBA Draft is on Thursday and a lot of players have questions about them. Some players have the potential to be draft busts, which could cause headaches for GMs and coaches alike.

Harrison Barnes could be a draft bust if he ends up in the wrong situation. Barnes could be a perfect role player if he ends up on the right team. If he ends up in the wrong situation, fans will instantly get on the case of Barnes. He just will not be a superstar. Put Barnes on a good team and he’s fine. If he ends up in Cleveland, watch out.

Meyers Leonard is going to be one of the biggest projects when he gets drafted. He has climbed into the lottery because he is a pure seven footer. However, his offense is going to take some time develop. If you take Leonard in the lottery, you have to be willing to wait on him.

Perry Jones is going to make a GM very rich or he’s going to send him to the unemployment line. He has a ton of talent, but he rarely shows it. He could be one of the best players in the draft, but he could also be out of the league in four years. Take caution if your team drafts Jones.

Jared Sullinger was going to be a top three pick last year. His back has decided that he should drop down the chart to the late teens. That is what a red flag medical condition can do. If you draft him, you are taking a huge risk. However, he could become a DeJuan Blair type as a guy who overcame bad medical reports to have a decent career.

Finally, Andre Drummond could be the guy that makes a lot of people pull their hair out. Remember when he was supposed to dominate college basketball and lead UCONN to a second straight title? Yeah, that really did not have a chance of happening. Drummond could be a dominant post player or he could be a lesser version of Kwame Brown. Have fun explaining that pick to your fans if he fails.

This article was contributed by Riley Schmitt.