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NBA Rumors: Where will Deron Williams Play Next Season?

NBA free agency is just around the corner and the biggest prize figures to be point guard Deron Williams. He figures to opt out of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets and three teams originally emerged as suitors for his services.

The Houston Rocketsbecame a trendy pick when it became apparent that they were trying to trade for Dwight Howard. Many assumed the Rockets would clear up a bunch of cap space and try to sign Wiliams. This would have given them two superstars. It was a good plan, but Williams has eliminated the Rockets from consideration, even if they do manage to trade for Howard.

The Dallas Mavericks were long considered favorites. Williams would get to play with a title contender and he is from Dallas. It sounded like a perfect fit for the point guard. Who would not love playing for Mark Cuban and getting to pass to Dirk Nowitzki? Williams is apparently that guy as many believe that he is not even considering the Mavericks.

This leaves his original team, the Nets. They went over the top to try to convince him to sign as they put a van in front of his house to wish him a Happy Birthday and coach Avery Johnson was invited to a Williams birthday bash.

Personally, I think signing with the Nets is the wrong move. It is only a good situation if the team brings in Howard, but that seems like a long shot. They just do not have the assets to pull off a trade. I bet Williams ends up not regretting signing with the Mavericks.

This article was contributed by Riley Schmitt.