2012 MLB All-Star Game: NL Wins 8-0, AL Still the Better League

The National League All-Stars put up a five-run first-inning on Justin Verlander and never looked back. The NL handed the American League their most lop-sided MLB All-Star Game loss ever.

Pablo Sandoval hit the first bases clearing triple in ASG history in the first-inning. Melky Cabrera took home MVP honors going 2-3 with a two-run homer, and Buster Posey was in on the action too. Posey scored a run on Sandoval’s triple. Giant All-Stars finished a combined 3-7 with 5 RBI and 4 runs. So it’s certainly safe to say it was a big night for the San Francisco Giants at the plate.

Oh yeah, and starting pitcher Matt Cain tossed two scoreless to pick up the “W”.

Tony LaRussa retired as a winner one final time managing in Bryce Harper’s (19) first ASG, and Chipper Jones’ (40) last. It was the night for the National League as their arms out of the pen kept things come ever getting competitive only allowing 6 hits in the shutout.

Let me make sure I’m clear however, this victory does not make the National League superior to the American League. Yes, the NL has won the last three All-Star Games and the last two World Series, but the AL dominated in inter-leage play winning 142 games to the NL’s 110.

Inter-league play is a much larger sample size, and the best way to measure the leagues, hands down. Don’t get me wrong; I’m an NL fan and there are plenty of stars in the National League. The American League is deeper through their rosters from top to bottom, and it has showed in recent years looking at inter-league records. The NL defeated the AL in inter-leage victories since 2003 (137-115).

Regardless, the National League won the mid-summer classic for the third straight year and will have home-field advantage in the 2012 World Series.

Has anyone told Ron Washington that this game is why his team never has home-field advantage?

Aaron Kirn is the Director of Video for Rant Sports.

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