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MLB 2nd Half Predictions: AL West

American League West Prediction

1. Los Angeles Angels
2. Texas Rangers
3. Oakland A’s
4. Seattle Mariners

The Angels cut the AL West deficit to a manageable four games behind the Rangers at the All-Star Break after an absolutely dreadful start to the season. Since rookie phenom Mike Trout joined the big-league club the Angels own baseball’s best record, and Trout has proven himself to be a serious candidate for MVP. Oh, but so has Josh Hamilton obviously.

You can make a serious argument the Texas Rangers are the best team in baseball (the Yankees would have something to say about that). Their offense is second to none, but their starting rotation has battled injuries through the first half. I’m afraid the division lead is going to slip through their fingertips, but that won’t entirely be the Rangers’ fault. It will have more to do with Angels playing great baseball in the 2nd half.

Jared Weaver could very well win the Cy Young when it’s all said and done, and chances are they’ll look to add an arm to bolster their rotation. Chances are Cole Hamels or Zach Greinke find themselves in Orange County before the fall.

Make no mistake, the AL West will be a dead-heat to the finish, both teams will make the playoffs but it will the Angels who win the AL West in 2012.

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