Under the Radar: 2012 Olympics Aiding Obesity?

Each week we look at 5 unique stories you may have missed in Rant Sports’ Under the Radar. This week:

1. Are the Olympics Aiding Obesity?

Alan Dymock discusses the debate he saw earlier this week on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), about sponsorship and it’s role in the Olympic games. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s were the two big sponsors being discussed, for obvious reasons.

In response to the BBC the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stated that, “The IOC only enters into partnerships with organizations that it believes work in accordance with the values of the Olympic Movement. Before entering or extending any partnership, we have a duty on behalf of all of the stakeholders in the Olympic Movement to consider this partnership very carefully, particularly where we enter partnerships on a long term basis. We are proud to work with both Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, with whom we have long term agreements in place through 2020.”

I hardly believe the afore mentioned sponsors work with the “values of the Olympic Movement”.

2. Bull Shark Surprise!

This one of the craziest videos you’ll see in a long time. For all you fisherman out there; I’m sure you all have a story about the one that got away. This is one of those tales, but the scenario plays out a bit differently than you would expect.

3. Rockets follow Howard & Co. on Twitter

Unfortunately, the Dwight Howard saga isn’t over. The blockbuster Brooklyn-Orlando deal fell apart. So the question still remains, where will Dwight Howard be traded?

I find the story very much hard to follow, the more it continues… the more it frustrates me. However, one NBA is following the Howard situation very close. Literally. The Houston Rockets decided to follow Howard on twitter along with a cast of other Magic players. See for yourself, Riley Schmitt has more.

4. Rory McIlroy Crossbar Challange | EA Triple A

Just the way soccer players try and hit the top of the crossbar from mid-field, Rory McIlroy tried to do the same. Except he used a 2-iron and a few golf balls. I’m not confident I would ever be able to hit this shot, what about you?

5. 1st Annual “Wally” Seaver High School Invitational

A member of the Rant Sports family, Paul Seaver passed along some information regarding the “Wally” Seaver High School Invitational named for his father in support of his ongoing battle with ALS, a rapid and progressive nuerological disease.

Wally Seaver spent over 20 years coaching baseketball both at the high school and youth levels in the Massachusetts area.

He was diagnosed with ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease in February, 2011. The 16-team tournament will take place Saturday, July 21 and Sunday the 22nd; all proceeds from the event go towards the fight against ALS.

The schedule of the two-day event was posted on ESPN Boston’s Blog, and if you want more information or would like to donate; email Paul at WallyInvitational@GMail.com.

Aaron Kirn is the Director of Video for RantSports.

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