Fantasy Football 2012 Rankings: Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew

He may be unhappy over his contract situation, but chances are Maurice Jones-Drew will most likely be ready to go for the Jacksonville Jaguars during the fantasy football 2012 season as last year’s leading rusher (1,606 rushing yards) looks to defend his title.

Despite playing for an offense that ranked 32nd overall during the 2011 season, Jones-Drew finished just under 2,000 yards from the line of scrimmage and reached the end zone 11 times. The Jaguars may have finished 5-11 on the season, but Jones-Drew seemed to be the only consistent part of the offense–which could be beneficial from a fantasy perspective.

Being the most consistent part of a struggling team’s offense means that player is most likely going to receive a majority of the production–which fantasy owners would obviously love to see. Even if the Jaguars continue to struggle once again in 2012, Jones-Drew should still be considered one of the top running backs in fantasy football and will fall in the top-five picks in most leagues.

When looking over the numbers over the last three years, Jones-Drew has recorded at least 1,300 rushing yards and 300 receiving yards each season. He may be small for his size, but Jones-Drew’s ability to cut through defenders with his quick agility and speed makes him impossible to tackle at times when it comes to defenders.

Plus, Jones-Drew has made it clear this offseason that he wants a new contract from the organization and the chances of him receiving a new one seem unlikely–so he’s certainly going to try and prove that his worth on the football field.

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