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Biggest Losers From the 2012 NBA Offseason

The 2012 NBA offseason is slowly winding down and some teams did not have the most successful offseasons. In fact, there were some teams that actually ended up worse off.

The Orlando Magic are still surrounded by the drama that is Dwight Howard. The longer that Howard remains on the roster, the worse off the Magic will be. The poison that infects the locker room is going to grow day by day. They brought back Jameer Nelson on a pretty expensive deal and basically gave Ryan Anderson away. Two very weird moves in the scheme of things.

The Chicago Bulls have been one of the best teams in the league the last couple of years. However, they decided to destroy their bench. The Bench Mob is gone and instead, the Bulls brought in Kirk Hinrich, Marco Belinelli, and Nazr Mohammed. Those moves are not exactly going to fire up Bulls fans.

The Philadelphia 76ers had an extremely strange offseason. Bringing in Nick Young on a cheap deal was a smart move. Re-signing Spencer Hawes and bringing in Kwame Brown were not smart moves. The team plans to start those two at the same time. Not exactly the best way the best way to win games.

The Houston Rockets sold the farm in order to get into the Howard race. However, they do not appear to be any closer to acquiring the center than they were before the season. The way it looks, the Rockets could end up starting five power forwards. Interesting, but not exactly effective.

Things could change, but these teams certainly did not improve this past offseason.

This article was contributed by Riley Schmitt. Check out his 2012 NBA Offseason Winners.