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Biggest Winners from the 2012 NBA Offseason

The major moves of the 2012 NBA offseason are nearly complete, which means that it is a perfect time to take a look at the teams that have improved the most during the months off.

The Los Angeles Lakers shocked everybody by trading for Steve Nash. They added an All-Star point guard without having to give up much of anything. Nash fills one of the biggest needs for the team and he should help them immensely next season. The signing of Antawn Jamison might fly under the radar, but he is a good guy to add depth to the bench.

The Brooklyn Nets will play their first game in the city this coming season and they made a couple of big moves to help the team. They managed to re-sign Deron Williams and then they made a splash by trading for Joe Johnson. The team will be a playoff team next season and they could make a deep run.

The New Orleans Hornets have managed to go from a cellar dweller to a dark horse playoff team in just one short summer. They drafted Anthony Davis in a move that should pay off for years. Ryan Anderson should add some long range shooting and some good rebounding. The Robin Lopez trade is going to give them a big guy in the middle to keep Davis from playing the 5.

The Dallas Mavericks went from a horrible offseason to a great one in about ten days. They added a potential star in OJ Mayo and rebuilt the front line with Elton Brand and Chris Kaman on cheap deals. They kept their flexibility while still improving.

A lot more moves could happen but it would be hard to find teams that did much better than these two.

This article was contributed by Riley Schmitt. Check out his 2012 NBA Offseason Losers.