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Did Los Angeles Give Up Too Much for Zach Greinke?

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Los Angels Angels – RHP Zack Greinke
Milwaukee Brewers – SS Jean Segura, RHP John Hellweg, RHP Ariel Pena

The question wasn’t “whether” Zach Greinke would be traded, but “where”? We now know the answer of course as the Brewers and Angels made a trade that sent the former AL Cy Young winner to LA. Although, his services did come at a lofty price for the Angels considering Greinkee is merely a rental, so another question comes to mind…

Is he worth it?

The three prospects the Brewers acquired all have a lot of potential. They picked up two right-handed pitchers, John Hellweg and Ariel Pena who are top-10 prospects in their farm system. The deal also included shortstop Jean Segura, who the Brewers see as their regular shortstop moving forward.

As for Hellweg, he’s got top of the rotation type stuff. His command…? not so much. He’s 6-foot-9, 210 pounds, and can touch 98 on the gun. His curve ball has an enormous tilt to it as well. Pena ceiling is probably more mid-rotation level.

From the Angels perspective, their middle infield is set so they felt Segura was expendable. I don’t see a problem parting with Hellweg and Pena either. The three players involved in the deal all have very low floors.

LA certainly has the financial means to keep Greinke there long term, but considering the amount of money they gave to C.J. Wilson and Albert Pujols, they might not want to dig too deep in their pockets again this offseason. Greinke certainly will be demanding a hefty contract, it was reported he turned down an extension with Milwaukee that would have paid him $20 million per.

Whether or not Greinke is in an Angels uniform next season, you would still figure him to be worth at least 2 wins or so above Ervin Santana the rest of this year. Assuming they reach the postseason, there’s no better four-man rotation this October.

If you ask me, this move makes a lot of sense for the Angels. Not only do they add a reliebale piece to their rotaion, but they keep Greinke from going to their division rivals. I now consider them the favorites to not only win the AL West, but I feel they now have the best chance to represent the AL in the Fall Classic. So to simply answer the question… Yes. Greinke was worth it.

Aaron Kirn is the Director of Video for Rant Sports

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