The Potential for Replacement NFL Officials

As we enter week three of the preseason, the NFL is looking at using subpar replacement NFL officials for the nation’s most popular sport. According to reports, it is around $100,000 per team that separates an agreement between both sides. Considering the amount of money NFL teams make, it seems like a small amount of money. And there appears to be no middle ground at the moment.

I can imagine it now…I am sitting in my favorite chair watching my beloved Chicago Bears and a bad call from the officials loses them a game. Or one of my fantasy staples is denied a touchdown because of a bad holding call. You know darn well I will be on the officials. This also goes for the gambling community (not that I know anything about it).

Considering the stress on player safety, I am surprised the NFL Players Association hasn’t gotten more involved with this process. Having men and a woman that do not understand the speed of the game is risking more than just outcomes. Players can and will get hurt by someone not being able to keep pace with the action. Just because someone knows and understands the rules doesn’t mean that person is qualified to enforce it. That is like saying that anyone is able to be a police officer because he or she knows the law. I love the television show Cops, but I am hardly qualified to be one.

There’s still time for the league to fix this problem. Let’s just hope that it happens before the season starts. If so, then I can blame the regular refs.

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