NFL Preview 2012--Looking at the NFC North

With the 2012 NFL season right around the corner, Rant Sports decided to breakdown the NFC North in their NFL preview 2012.

Aaron Rogers was the MVP of the league as year. Will he be the MVP of the NFC North in 2012?

Take a look at the type of numbers displayed during the 2011 season–there’s no reason why Rodgers shouldn’t come out on top again. As long as he stays healthy, Rodgers will have the Green Bay Packers competing at a high level throughout the 2012 season.

Which player will be ROY of the NFC North?

Alshon Jeffery has the chance to make an immediate impact for the Chicago Bears on offense. With most of the defenders focusing on Brandon Marshall, Jeffery will have the chance to see plenty of more passes thrown his way from Jay Cutler–which could mean big numbers during his rookie season.

Green Bay and the Detroit Lions reached the postseason last year. How many teams will reach the playoffs in 2012?

Two teams from the division will make the postseason this year, but the Lions may be the odd team out in 2012. Expect the Packers to make the playoffs along with the Bears–especially with an improved offense.

The Packers won the division the last season. Will they make repeat as champs in 2012?

They make the playoffs, but it wouldn’t a surprise to see Chicago come out on top this season. When taking a look at Green Bay last year, their 15-1 record came as bit of a surprise considering how awful their defense looked.