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Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick to Wear Kevlar Vest in Week 1

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has been the center of discussion over the last couple of weeks after suffering a rib injury in Week 2 of the preseason against the New England Patriots. Vick has been heavily criticized throughout his career for being an injury-prone quarterback, but he’s hoping a new protective vest will help him get through the start of the 2012 regular season.

Vick will wear a Kevlar vest for the Eagles’ first regular season game against the Cleveland Browns to avoid any risk of making the injury worse than it already is. Unfortunately, Vick has already experienced his fair share of rib injuries throughout his career, considering how often he’s willing to run out of the pocket, and this seems to be one of those lose-lose situations for Philadelphia.

Obviously, the Eagles don’t want Vick missing any time away from the football field, but they don’t want to risk putting him on it either if he’s not 100 percent healthy. Nick Foles has looked impressive at times during the preseason, but it’s no secret that Vick gives Philadelphia the best chance of winning games during the 2012 season.

Hopefully, this protective vest for Vick lives up to the hype, or the Eagles could be in for another frustrating start to the 2012 regular season. On the bright side, the company Unequal Technologies, which Vick has an endorsement deal with, is responsible for designing the vest, so Vick must be confident enough with the product if he’s willing to do business with them.

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