Tim Tebow Could Replace Mark Sanchez at Starting Quarterback For New York Jets

One of the hottest debates heading into the 2012 NFL season has been who deserves to be the starting quarterback for the New York JetsMark Sanchez or Tim Tebow. Obviously, Sanchez has been the clear favorite throughout the offseason considering how much experience he has compared to Tebow, but if the first three games of preseason are any indication of what to expect during the regular season–it seems like both quarterbacks have an equal shot for the starting job this upcoming season.

The Jets were the only team from the first three games of the preseason that failed to score a touchdown and when things like this happen–a majority of the blame goes on the player calling the shots at quarterback. Sure, the argument can be made that some of the blame should fall on the shoulders of the receivers considering how many dropped passes they recorded over the first three games, but that’s still no excuse to go without a SINGLE touchdown on offense.

Despite helping New York reach the AFC Championship in each of his first two seasons, Sanchez has been criticized throughout his career for being one of the most overrated and overpaid quarterbacks in the NFL. He may have set a career high in touchdown passes (26) last season, but nothing seemed to set Sanchez apart from Tebow during the preseason that would secure him the starting job.

If Sanchez fails to help the Jets win games at the beginning of the regular season–don’t be surprised if Rex Ryan strongly considers replacing him with Tebow to see if he provides a spark to the offense like he did in Denver last season.

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