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Daily Rant: New York Giants RB David Wilson Needs to Stop Crying

Football players have a reputation for being some of the toughest athletes on the face of this earth and when they do cry over a specific play during a game–it shows weakness. So when New York Giants rookie running back David Wilson was caught crying on camera during Wednesday’s season opener against the Dallas Cowboys, he immediately became the laughing stock of the NFL world.

Wilson’s regular season debut didn’t go the way he would have liked it to after recording a fumble on his second career carry in the first quarter. In fact, that ended up being the last carry of the game for Wilson as he finished with a disappointing four rushing yards on the night.

With Brandon Jacobs joining the San Francisco 49ers, the Giants have high expectations for Wilson during his rookie season after spending their first-round pick (32nd overall) on him last April. New York ranked last overall in 2011 when it came to rushing yards per game and the potential is certainly there for improvement this season with Wilson and Ahmad Bradshaw–but the rookie can’t let his emotions get the best of him like he did against Dallas.

After crying on the sidelines, the Giants decided to keep Wilson away from receiving any more carries for the remainder of the evening and just used him for kick returns instead. For a football player as talented as Wilson, it’s embarrassing to see him finally reach the professional level and react the way he did over one single play.

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