Daily Rant: Santonio Holmes Needs to Watch What He Says to the Media

The battle between New York Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow is going to be one of the hottest topics to follow throughout the 2012 NFL season–especially if Sanchez struggles with getting the points offense. Unfortunately for Sanchez, he now has to deal with the recent comments made by teammate Santonio Holmes regarding how he took the news about Tebow joining the Jets for the 2012 season.

Holmes recently discussed how Sanchez was “floored” and shocked by the trade that brought Tebow over from the Denver Broncos–and why wouldn’t he be? Tebow replaced Kyle Orton during the 2011 season and with the type of money he’s being paid, Sanchez never seemed to have any reason to worry about losing his starting job at quarterback.

Now, that an easily change depending on how well the 2012 season goes for the fourth-year quarterback. Sanchez realizes he will be heavily criticized for any mistake he makes during the regular season and knows the pressure will mount up if the Jets fail to live up to expectations.

Still, there was no reason for Holmes to discuss Sanchez’s reaction to the trade just a few days before the team’s regular season opener against the Buffalo Bills. Sanchez already has enough pressure on his shoulders and the last thing he needs is to have on his mind is this whole Tebow thing–especially since it’s already been on the back of his mind for a few months now.

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