Roger Goodell Discusses Cutting Down Preseason to Two Games

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has discussed numerous times how he would like to cut down on the amount of preseason games played each season. Goodell has already come up with a few plans to consider over the next couple of years, but the one he seems to be favoring the most is cutting the preseason and half.

While discussing his opinion on the replacement refs from Wednesday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, Goodell discussed how having four preseason games is an issue–mainly because the fans aren’t satisfied. One possible idea that Goodell has thrown around a few times is eliminating two of the preseason games and expanding the regular season to 18 games–which has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

From a fan perspective, nobody appreciates buying tickets for preseason games (especially when they’re forced to buy them through season tickets) and they would be more satisfied with receiving an extra regular season game each year. Plus, teams would be making more money with two extra games during the regular season as well–which means there would be more money to go towards the players and their contracts.

Then again, this solution could cause problems for a few players as some of them have already expressed concerns over playing too many games during the regular season. Either way, it’s good to see Goodell at least addressing the issue and realizes the frustration fans have with too many preseason games; let’s just hope it’s one of those issues that gets resolved sooner rather than later.