Daily Rant: What Were Kyle Casey and Brandyn Curry Thinking During Harvard Basketball Academic Scandal?

One of the most shocking and surprising stories from this week involves the Harvard Crimson  NCAA basketball team and how two of their star players will most likely miss the 2012-13 season for their involvement in the school’s academic cheating scandal.

Co-captains Kyle Casey and Brandyn Curry have been connected to the cheating scandal that has been linked to about 125 students from Harvard. Apparently, these students are being investigated for “academic misconduct” on a take-home final exam for a class on Introduction to Congress.

For a school with the type of reputation Harvard has, this is extremely disappointing to hear–especially with these student athletes.

Harvard’s basketball team has worked their way up in the standings over the last couple of seasons and was considered one of the favorites to win the Ivy League this upcoming season. Without Casey and Curry, it’s safe to say Harvard may not even be strong contenders this season in the Ivy League–which is devastating for their teammates and fans.

Student athletes not only represent the school they play for, but they’re admired by their fans that take the time out of their busy days to attend games and cheer them on. To pull off an irresponsible move like this and let them down is completely selfish on Casey and Curry’s end.

As far as their coaches and teammates–they’re the ones that will be suffering the most. There’s been plenty of hard work and dedication by these individuals to put Harvard in contention for the upcoming season and now Harvard has no choice but to rely on some of their key freshman players this year.

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