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Top Three Headlines From 2012 NFL Season Week 2

Here’s a look at the top three headlines from the 2012 NFL season Week 2.

3. Miami Dolphins RB Reggie Bush Rushes For 172 Yards and Two Touchdowns

Prior to the 2011 season, Bush had only recorded one game of 100+ rushing yards in his career–which came during his rookie year in 2006 as a member of the New Orleans Saints. There were plenty of questions surrounding whether or not Bush was capable of being one of the top running backs in 2012, but he made a strong case for himself on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

Bush showed flashes of his days with the USC Trojans in Week 2, which has Dolphins fans excited about what’s in store for the rest of the regular season.

2. Michael Vick Leads Philadelphia Eagles Over Baltimore Ravens With Incredible Comeback 

Vick has thrown six interceptions over the first two weeks and the Eagles have recorded nine turnovers total as a team, yet they’re somehow 2-0 heading into Week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals. Vick recorded the game-winning rushing touchdown with just under two minutes remaining in the game, but some questionable calls throughout the game by replacement officials has everyone debating whether or not Philadelphia deserved to win this game.

Either way, it’s still impressive to see a team like the Eagles sitting at 2-0 with all of the turnover problems they’ve been dealing with.

1. Arizona Cardinals Shock New England Patriots in Foxboro

Not only were the Patriots shocked over the loss, but fantasy football fans with New England as their pick in suicide pools are dealing with the aftermath of the biggest upset from Week 2. This Cardinals’ defenses may be better than people expected, considering how much pressure they put on Tom Brady throughout the game.

However, Arizona should also consider themselves lucky for that missed field goal by Stephen Gostkowski, because that doesn’t happen often.

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