Daily Rant: How Is Vince Young Out of Money?

There were high expectations for Vince Young in 2006 when the Tennessee Titans took the former Texas Longhorns standout with the third overall pick in the draft. Unfortunately, Young never lived up to the hype over the last six seasons and now it appears he needs a quarterback job more than ever for financial reasons.

Apparently, Young is having money issues to the point where he only has a small amount left of the $26 million in guaranteed money that he earned from the rookie contract he signed back in 2006. Young spent the 2011 season with the Philadelphia Eagles as a backup and was recently cut by the Buffalo Bills in August, so it’s understandable that he’s not receiving the hefty payments like he was hoping for when he first entered the league.

However, it’s hard to understand how any individual in general can blow through $26 million in a six-year span like Young did, so it’s difficult to feel sorry for him in this situation. What’s even more embarrassing is that Young was one of 10 players who borrowed money from the Pro Player Funding when the league was dealing with the lockout prior to last season.

The fact that the Bills believe they’re better off with Tyler Thigpen and Tarvaris Jackson shows what type of NFL quarterback Young really is and it’s difficult to imagine him landing with a new team any time soon. At the moment, Young is currently living in his hometown of Houston, waiting and hoping a team picks up the phone in desperate need of a quarterback.

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