Daily Rant: Melky Cabrera Winning NL Batting Title Would Be a Disgrace to MLB

San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera is in the middle of a 50-game suspension after testing positive for testosterone–which started a huge controversy as the league knew about the testing before the All Star game in July. Cabrera went on to win MVP of the game that helped the National League claim home-field advantage for the 2012 World Series and now–it appears there may be some more controversy brewing up for the Giants outfielder.

Bud Selig and MLB discussed on Wednesday how they don’t plan on interfering with Cabrera if he goes on to win the National League Batting Title this season–mainly because they don’t want to deal with the possibility of changing other records as well. Selig claims that if Cabrera would go on to win the title this year and they decided to change it because of his suspension–it would create more problems in the future over previous records.

At the moment, Cabrera leads the league with a .346 batting average and could still win the award if a hitless at-bat is added to the 501 plate appearances he currently has. If this does end up happening, it would just be another disgrace to the game of baseball that has seen its fair-share of controversy over the last couple of years.

The fact that Selig would be willing to award a player like Cabrera with this award says the league is willing to honor cheaters–which is absolutely ridiculous.

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