Daily Rant: Titans RB Chris Johnson Has No Right to Call Out Offensive Line

The Tennessee Titans have not started the 2012 season on a positive note as they’ve lost their first two games to the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers. Now, the Titans have to deal with another problem of their own–running back Chris Johnson calling out his offensive line.

Johnson has been one of the biggest disappointments so far in 2012 as he’s rushed for just 21 yards on 19 attempts–which is absolutely embarrassing for a running back that became the sixth player in NFL history a few years ago to break the 2,000-yard rushing mark. Johnson is blaming most of his struggles on the offensive line failing to protect him from defenders, but the fact that Johnson is throwing his own teammates under the bus at a time like this is absolutely ridiculous.

Football is a team effort and Johnson is at fault just as much as his teammates–whether they’re struggling with blocking defenders or not. If Johnson is as talented of a running back as he showed over the first couple of years in the NFL, then he should still find a way to put up better numbers than the 21 rushing yards displayed so far.

Tennessee faces a tough task against the Detroit Lions on Sunday and as much as they don’t want to hear it–this is certainly a must-win game. Johnson is the main factor for the Titans’ offense, so instead of calling out his teammates and putting the blame on their shoulders–he should be focusing on fixing his lack of production and returning to the dominant level he’s played at throughout his career.

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