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The Impact of NFL Replacement Officials on Oddsmakers in Las Vegas

Through two weeks, it’s safe to say the replacement officials have been anything but good as there have been controversial calls left and right–whether it’s missed penalties or simply not knowing the rules for certain plays. Now, it appears the poor performance by the replacement officials has oddsmakers in Las Vegas concerned–mainly because of the impact they could have on the outcome of a game.

As we head into Week 3 of the 2012 NFL season, Las Vegas is expecting their highest scoring week ever in the NFL (46.1 points per game)–with one of the main reasons being the possibility of refs messing up calls that lead to teams scoring more points. Normally, home teams receive a three-point edge for playing at home because of the advantage of the crowd filled with thousands of fans, but because of how bad these officials have been, there are some places in Las Vegas are even considering adding an extra half point to the home teams.

Places in Las Vegas have every right to be concerned considering the last thing they want to see happen is the outcome of a game go the wrong way because of a missed call or two by the replacement officials. There have been numerous controversial calls over the first two weeks and if the argument can be made certain games could have gone a different way if certain calls were made.

Either way, these replacement officials are nothing but trouble for oddsmakers in Las Vegas and these next few weeks could be crucial for gamblers–especially if things continue to get out of hand.