Why Doesn't Aaron Rodgers Get the Same Treatment From the Media as Jay Cutler For His Actions?

After Monday’s controversial loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was seen giving one cameraman a little “shove” when he was trying to exit the field. While this story hasn’t been as big of a deal, the argument can be made that the media would be handling the situation differently if this same thing happened to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

With the way Monday’s game ended, Rodgers had every reason in the world to be frustrated as every football fan outside of the Seattle area knows the play should have been ruled an interception, but his actions towards the cameraman were completely unacceptable. The cameraman was just doing his job and if this was Cutler, the media would be having a field day over it by criticizing him in every way possible.

So the question that everybody wants to know–why does Rodgers get a free pass when Cutler wouldn’t have in this type of situation? The fact that the media plays favorites is completely ridiculous and they should be criticizing Rodgers the same way they would be if the roles were reversed with Cutler.

There’s no question Cutler has the personality of a jerk considering the way he’s handled situations over the year and the media has every right in the world to criticize him when he performs these types of actions. However, it’s frustrating to see Rodgers get by with a free card from the media when he acts just as obnoxious as Cuter is nothing but ridiculous.