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NFL Refs Scheduled to Return For Week 4 Games Starting With Browns-Ravens

After the Week 3 controversy surrounding the end of Monday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, the NFL and NFLRA spent plenty of time negotiating this week to get a new deal in place as quickly possible. Luckily, the two sides were able to reach an agrement this week–which means the regular refs will be on the field for Thursday’s game between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens.

With the amount of heat replacement refs have been taking over the last three weeks, the NFL had no choice but to get a deal in place as quickly as possible and luckily–they managed to do so before the Thursday game. The last thing the NFL wanted to see happen was see the two sides agree on a deal after the Browns and Ravens already played–putting them in a tough position on whether or not to wait until Week 5 to bring back the regular refs since the replacements would have been used for Thursday’s game.

While this is great news for the NFL, this is one of those things that should have never happened in the first place and was obviously a failed experiment by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Despite the lockout from the refs, Goodell knew that he could put anyone on the field and the game would still be played like normal–but nobody could have predicted a controversy like there was last Monday.

It took longer than expected, but it will be good to see the familiar faces back for Week 4 officiating the games.

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