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Daily Rant: How Did Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden Overthrow a Short Hail Mary Pass?


(Mitch Stringer/US PRESSWIRE)

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden put together an impressive final drive on Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens as he drove the team from his own 10-yard line to the Baltimore 18 with no timeouts. Unfortunately, Weeden’s attempt to help the Browns tie the game fell short when his final pass was thrown out of bounds behind the end zone–which is completely unacceptable.

Even though they hate to be in the situation, most quarterbacks have no trouble pulling off the Hail Mary at the end of games considering most of the time they just toss the football up and hope for the best. As for Weeden, he was at an advantage during the final play of the game since he didn’t have to heave the football 50-60 yards down the field since he was at the Baltimore 18–so how did he make the mistake of overthrowing the end zone?

By throwing the football too far, Weeden didn’t even give the Browns wide receivers a chance to attempt the touchdown catch at the end of the game to possibly take the game into overtime. It’s difficult to criticize Weeden on this type of play, but when looking at what happened at the end of the Week 3 game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers, the rookie has to at least make the ball catchable for his receivers in these types of situations.

Plus, the Browns may not find themselves in too many positions to win games this season–so every chance counts.

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