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Daily Rant: New York Jets Need to Strongly Consider Signing Terrell Owens

It’s been a long 2012 season for the offense of the New York Jets as they currently rank 28th overall heading into Week 6 and are coming off a 23-17 loss to the Houston Texans. Clearly, one of the main issues behind the team’s struggles from this season has been a lack of receiving core, but one individual believes he could be the answer to solve all of their problems–Terrell Owens.

During Monday night’s game between the Jets and Texans, Owens posted a message to his Twitter account for the Jets about how he’s available and ready to play if they are interested–even suggesting that they give his agent Jordan Woy a call. After sitting out the entire 2011 season, Owens signed with the Seattle Seahawks during the offseason, but was released before he could even make it to Week 1.

It’s no surprise to see Owens stoop this low for a job, but he does make a solid point about how the Jets could certainly use his help in the passing game. With Santonio Holmes out for the remainder of the season, Jeremy Kerley seems like he’s going to be the top option for Mark Sanchez in the passing game for the remainder of the season.

As crazy as it sounds, Owens would have the chance to be the team’s top wideout if he were to come on board and with how much this team has struggled over the last few weeks–this is something the Jets need to strongly consider before it’s too late in the season.

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