Daily Rant: Washington Redskins Decision to Let Robert Griffin III Return to Practice

The Washington Redskins received a bit of a scare last weekend against the Atlanta Falcons when rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III was forced to leave the game after suffering a concussion following a nasty hit from linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. Based off first impressions, it seemed like there was no chance Griffin would return for the team’s Week 6 game against the Minnesota Vikings–but that may not be the case after all.

Griffin was cleared to practice on Wednesday without contact–which is interesting considering the injury just took place a few days ago. The NFL has received plenty of criticism over the last couple of years for the way they’ve handled head injuries and the fact that Griffin even has a chance to play on Sunday against the Vikings is a reason for concern.

It’s understandable how much Washington wants Griffin to play since he gives the team their best chance of winning against Minnesota, but they need to be extra cautious about the way they handle this situation. The Redskins have already been heavily criticized for their lack of information about Griffin’s injury when it first occurred and if something were to happen from him returning to the field too soon–they could be facing even more criticism.

With the way the Vikings’ defense has been playing so far this year, there’s a good chance Griffin could be in for another long afternoon. The Redskins need to be smart and think twice before jumping to a decision on Griffin’s status for Sunday and it’s disturbing to see him back on the field this soon for practice–even if it is no contact.

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