Chicago Man Buys Gallon of Michael Jordan BBQ Sauce From 1992 For Nearly $10K

In what may go down as the most bizarre story of the day, a man from Chicago spent nearly $10,000 on a gallon of barbecue sauce from 1992 that was supposed to be used on the famous “McJordan” sandwich from McDonald’s–a sandwich created in the honor of the famous Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan.

The mystery buyer spent $9,995 for the gallon of barbecue sauce during an auction on eBay from a man by the name of Mort Bank–a former McDonald’s owner that happened to have the gallon sitting around. With the success of other crazy items being sold on eBay for a ridiculously high price, Bank figured he would give it a shot and put the item up for sale.

Whether or not he expected as much as almost $10,000–that’s a different story.

It’s understandable for sports fans to spend big money on certain collectibles, but to put down nearly $10,000 on a gallon of barbecue sauce from 1992 is nothing short of ridiculous–even if it was used as part of a special promotion involving Jordan. If this mystery buyer was a real die-hard sports fan, he should consider spending that type of money on something more reasonable–such as Bulls season tickets for the upcoming 2012-13 season.

And yes, since the mysterious buyer is from Chicago and willing to spend this type of money on Jordan memorabilia for their sports collection–the assumption is being made that he happens to be a die-hard Bulls fan.

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