Rant My Life: Should the New York Yankees Trade Alex Rodriguez?

For New York Yankees fans, it has to be beyond frustrating to see Alex Rodriguez perform the way he has so far this postseason–especially when considering the hefty 10-year, $275 million deal the organization rewarded him with a few years ago.

The Yankees in general have been struggling as an offense during the playoffs considering they’re batting .158 against the Detroit Tigers alone in the ALCS, but Rodriguez has been the biggest disappointment as he’s just 3 of 26 so far this postseason and 0 for 18 against right handers with 12 strikeouts.

For a player making as much as Rodriguez–this is completely unacceptable.

The playoffs are a crucial time of year where the greatest players take their game to a whole other level and do whatever it takes to help their team win the World Series. The fact that Rodriguez is putting up these type of numbers when he’s a potential Hall of Famer is nothing but embarrassing and Joe Girardi had every right to bench him for two games this postseason–with the latest coming on Tuesday in Game 3 of the NLCS.

Unfortunately for New York, this may appear to be one of those too-little, too-late situations as the Yankees are on the verge of elimination heading into Game 4 on Wednesday facing a 0-3 deficit. The argument can be made that better performances by Rodriguez could have made a difference in helping New York get to the World Series, but it may be better for the Yankees to just consider trading their once great slugger during the offseason.

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