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San Francisco Giants Capture Another Title Thanks to Strong Front Office

The San Francisco Giants were something to watch in 2012. The Giants gave the MLB and its fans a feel-good story about a team without the big stars and big contracts finding a way to get the job done. However, the road to another championship had some disappointment along the way, and if not for General Manager Brian Sabean‘s upmost poise the Giants would have struggled immensely.

On August 16th of this year the Giants were handed some upsetting news. Manager Bruce Bouchy announced to his club that OF Mellky Cabrera would be suspended for fifty games after violating the MLB’s Performance Enhancing Drug policy. At the time, Cabrera was batting third in the Giants lineup and hitting a career best .346 with a .390 OBP. Furthermore, Cabrera had broke the rules and thus the Giants would have to suffer and find a way to match his abundant production.

In a leadership position, Sabean now had to make sure that the organization was not brought down by the loss. Right after the incident Sabean made a statement in which he said “you have no choice but to figure out how to move on.” Fortunately, the Giants were able to move on and two and a half months after the debacle, a World Series parade is being held in San Francisco.  In essence, the  growth of Buster Posey, the emergence of Pablo Sandoval and an unselfish pitching staff all lead to another title for the Giants. Behind every Giant that had success this postseason is a connection to the patience and poise the Giants organization with holds.

Years from now this Giants team will be remembered for their perseverance, resiliency and production, and all of those begin at the top with GM Brian Sabean.