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Pittsburgh Steelers Decide to Travel on Sunday For Week 9 Game Against New York Giants

With most of the East Coast still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, the Pittsburgh Steelers made the decision to travel to New Jersey on Sunday as they’ll square off against the New York Giants in what will be a key Week 9 matchup for both teams. Normally, teams are required to travel at least one day before a game, but with all of the problems surrounding hotels on the East Coast, the Steelers received permission from the league to travel on Sunday instead so they didn’t become an inconvenience for local hotels.

The original plan was for the Steelers to stay at a hotel in Jersey City, but the hotel has been without power since the hurricane and it’s nearly impossible to find any available hotels in the area. Instead of contacting any of the hotels to make special accommodations, Pittsburgh decided it would be best to fly on Sunday instead.

Give the Steelers credit–this is one classy move considering the disadvantage they may be facing for playing the same day they travel. There are so many problems going on with the East Coast right now when it comes to living conditions and to see Pittsburgh avoid any possible chance of families being kicked out so they could prepare for Sunday’s game is nothing short of phenomenal.

A game against the red-hot Giants certainly won’t be easy and the Steelers may not be as well rested as they would like to be–but they made the right decision on this situation.

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