Rant My Life: Chicago Bears Fans Nearly Wipe Nashville Bars Clean

Over the first half of the regular season, the Chicago Bears have made a strong case to be considered one of the top teams in football with a 7-1 record and arguably the top defense that has already recorded seven touchdowns on the year. For those of you watching Sunday’s game between the Bears and Tennessee Titans, you may have noticed the stadium was packed with fans from Chicago–but the stadium wasn’t the only thing they apparently took over.

Numerous bars in the Nashville area reported a low supply of alcohol following Sunday’s game between the Bears and Titans–including the Paradise Trailer Park Resort across from the stadium that ran out of beer at one point Sunday night. Also, keep in mind Jay Cutler is from the Nashville area–so that most likely played a big factor for such a large turn out from Bears fans overtaking the stadium.

Chicago fans certainly have a reason to be cheering this season with the way their beloved team has played over the first eight games. Other than the Atlanta Falcons, it’s safe to say the Bears are arguably the best team in the NFC thanks to their steller defense and the chemistry developing between Cutler and Brandon Marshall.

If Nashville was nearly wiped clean of alcohol at some of their popular bars–just imagine what the scene may be like in New Orleans if the Bears continue to play at this high level and make a run at the Super Bowl in February.

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