Rant My Life: Dallas Cowboys Should Rid Themselves of Dez Bryant and His Anger Management Class

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is in the news yet again regarding an instance back in July, in which he allegedly hit his mother with a hat and police were called to her home in DeSoto, Texas. Bryant has agreed to a year of anger management counseling, which will completely a plea deal that could possibly result in the dismissal of the charge against him from July.

Details were provided by Bryant’s Dallas-based attorney, Royce West, who said if the troubled receiver stays out of trouble for a year, he the misdemeanor charge will be dropped. West also stated that Bryant is already attending anger management courses.

The charges are old news, but the Cowboys should have gotten rid of Bryant when they had the chance before the NFL trade deadline two weeks ago. Sure, this instance didn’t cause him to miss any time on the field, but that doesn’t mean the next on won’t.

Bryant has been in the news for the wrong reasons since his college days at Oklahoma State. Bryant has been accused and/or charged with everything from unpaid jewelry to a fight with rapper Lil Wayne at a Miami nightclub. Bryant doesn’t realize how lucky he is to still be playing football and Dallas needs to get a clue.

This kid is a cancer to his team and it’s not like he’s been setting the wood on fire while catching the ball, either. When a player drops as many passes as Bryant and acts like a child off the field, it only makes sense for an NFL team to part ways with them. However, what the Cowboys should do and what they actually do are often two different things.