Rant My Life: Have We Seen the Last of Alex Rodriguez With the New York Yankees?

Despite reaching the ALCS, it’s safe to say the 2012 MLB playoffs ended up being nothing but a disappointment for the New York Yankees this year–especially when it came to Alex Rodriguez.

For a player scheduled to earn $114 million in base salary over the next five seasons, the Yankees need to decide whether or not it’s worth keeping their once beloved star around after he arguably displayed one of the worst postseasons in history. Not only was Rodriguez benched three times by manager Joe Girardi, but he ended up going 0 for 18 against right handers during the 2012 postseason to go along with 12 strikeouts–which is completely unacceptable for a player earning that type of money.

No matter what sport it is, teams rely on their star players when it matters the most in the playoffs and as far as Rodriguez is concerned–he didn’t even come close to fulfilling that for the Yankees in 2012. With his current contract running through the 2018 season, New York has to decide whether or not it would be worth keeping him around as trade rumors have swirled like crazy so far this offseason.

A team like the Marlins would most likely show interest in Rodriguez if he were to become available, but there’s a good chance a trade wouldn’t come without some sort of financial blow to the Yankees–which is just one of those things they will have no choice but to accept. It’s clear Rodriguez is far from the effective player from a few years ago and it should be interesting to see how this situation plays out during the offseason.