Rant My Life: Brian Urlacher Draws Criticism For Comments Regarding Concussions

When it’s all said and done, Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher will go down as one of the greatest players of all time at his position considering how much of an impact he’s had on the team’s defense throughout his career. Urlacher has always been the type of player that will do whatever it takes to play in games no matter what type of injury he has, but the linebacker recently made some interesting comments about concussions.

Urlacher discussed this week how he believes leg injuries are as serious as concussions–which is a bit ridiculous considering the circumstances. When it comes to leg injuries, doctors are at least able to perform surgeries to fix them while there isn’t much they can do about concussions.

Unfortunately for the NFL, concussions have been a big problem over the last couple of years and the complications that have come for certain players down the load in their lives is a major reason of concern. For Urlacher to suggest leg injuries should be treated on the same level of concussions is nothing short of ridiculous.

Take a look at Jay Cutler‘s situation as the quarterback has suffered six concussions throughout his career–with his latest coming last Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. If Urlacher believes leg injuries should be placed on the same level as concussions–he needs a bit of a reality check considering how much of a long-term risk there is for these types of injuries.

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