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High NFL Ticket Prices Are Ruining Fan Experiences

One of the best parts about professional sports is being able to attend games live in person. However, it’s becoming difficult for fans to attend games at an affordable rate with the high level of ticket prices–especially when it comes to the NFL.

No matter what team you may be a fan of, it’s no secret the cost of tickets to an NFL game can be ridiculous at times. Most individual tickets can range anywhere from $85-$150 when it comes to the cheapest seats and if there’s additional family members or friends that will be attending–the price to attend games becomes even more costly.

Take this into consideration with the price of parking and food inside the stadium–a family of four could easily be spending anywhere from $400-$600 just to attend one single game.

The high costs of NFL games is one of the main reasons why most fans choose to watch the game at home instead of having the privilege of watching their favorite team play in person. Most fans can’t afford to spend that type of money in one single day and it’s a shame to see it happen this way considering how many people are missing out on the real fan experience–which is viewing the games live.

Attending games should be affordable for all types of fans and considering all of the money the NFL rolls in each year–you would think they would consider the cost of tickets from a fan perspective and whether or not they can afford them.