Rant My Life: Time to Throw in the Towel on Philadelphia Eagles 2012 Season

After a disappointing 2011 season that consisted of an 8-8 record, the bar was set high once again for the Philadelphia Eagles heading into this season and with Thanksgiving just a few days away–it’s safe to say their season is already over.

The Eagles are coming off their sixth-straight loss of the season after falling 31-6 to the Washington Redskins on Sunday to drop their record to 3-7 on the year–which is embarrassing when you take into consideration they started the year off 3-1. Philadelphia was hoping to take advantage of the Redskins and their 30th ranked passing defense with Nick Foles making his first official start while Michael Vick continued to recover from a concussion.

Unfortunately, that was anything but the case as the rookie completed just 21 of 46 passes for 206 yards and two costly interceptions in the first quarter.

From the struggles surrounding the offensive line to the defense failing to make big plays, this season has been nothing but a disaster for Philadelphia and it’s safe to say both Vick and Andy Reid won’t be around for the 2013 season. Vick will earn the last of his guaranteed $40 million this season and Reid was arguably on the hot seat coming into the 2012 season–so all signs point to both of them parting ways with the team once this disastrous season comes to an end.

On paper, the Eagles arguably have one of the top teams in football, but that obviously has been far from the case this season and nobody could have predicted this in a million years. It’s clear change is needed and it should be interesting to see what goes on during the offseason, but one thing is certain–they can already throw the towel in for 2012.

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