Rant My Life: Will San Francisco 49ers Go With Colin Kaepernick as Starter Over Alex Smith?

The San Francisco 49ers pulled off an impressive 32-7 win over the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football thanks to a steller performance by the defense and an impressive first start by Colin Kaepernick–who completed 16 of 23 passes for 243 yards to go along with one touchdown. With the strong performance, there seems to be an interesting debate heating up in San Francisco about who should be the starting quarterback for the 49ers–Kaepernick or Alex Smith.

While Smith has improved over the last two seasons, the former No. 1 pick has been inconsistent throughout his career and the team did use a second-round pick on Kaepernick as a safety precaution in case Smith wasn’t their answer at quarterback. Smith has displayed some impressive performances during the 2012 season, but the fact that Kaepernick managed to put up the type of numbers he did against one of the top defenses the league has to offer in the Bears makes his case a strong one.

If Smith thought there was pressure on him before, just imagine what must be running through his mind now that he has to worry about Kaepernick taking over his starting job if he struggles at all for the rest of the season. San Francisco sees most of their success from a strong defensive unit, but Monday’s game against the Bears shows how dangerous they can be on offense as well.

The job may be Smith’s for now, but it’s hard to ignore what Kaepernick did and wonder what the future holds for the former Nevada standout.

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