Chicago Cubs: More Than a Century of Sucking

The Chicago Cubs are an example of how working harder isn’t always working better. It has been over 100 years since the Cubs have won a World Series, and this season doesn’t look at all promising to break the streak. The organization has hired numerous people to try and fix the problem, and it has been one constant failure after the other. The latest savior is Theo Epstein; the good looking wiz kid that broke the curse of the Boston Red Sox.

To this point, Epstein’s work has revolved around building up the organization’s farm system while neglecting the team on the major league level. There’s no reason why the Cubs cannot do both. With some young talent like Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo, the Cubs can greatly improve the big ball club while improving the farm system. Instead, the Cubs are signing marginal free agents while treating 2013 as a lost season. It makes this whole thing very frustrating.

Fans are starting to believe less in this organization too. While the Cubs will always sell tickets, Wrigley Field was mostly empty towards the end of last season. On the open market, tickets were selling for pennies on the dollar. It was a black eye on an organization that normally has great fan support. Additionally, fans stopped watching on television and listening on radio. It is one thing to be bad, but another to have no one care.

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