Jon Gruden is Awesome

Jon Gruden is a great announcer. He’s passionate about football and teaches fans about the game. While he may be a bit over-the-top at times, he keeps fans informed and entertained. Considering how some announcers can become boring or predictable, Gruden keeps things interesting.

Many people think Gruden looks like Chucky from horror film fame, and the nickname fits him well. His facial expressions on the sideline and his mannerisms ressemble the star. But that intensity and over-the-top attitude served him well as a head coach. Gruden has a Super Bowl championship with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was highly successful with the Oakland Raiders. His career NFL record is 95-81 during his 11-year coaching career. He only had three losing seasons.

Many fans dislike his Monday Night Football broadcasts with Mike Tirico, but it’s always very interesting. There’s never a point where Gruden is dull or boring. Plus, he will discuss and break down a play better than any other broadcaster. There’s one thing to be critical as an announcer, but Gruden is honest without being overly-critical.

During last-Monday night’s broadcast, the Chicago Bears laid a real egg against the San Francisco 49ers. Gruden didn’t sugar coat the broadcast. He shared some real and honest concerns about both teams. It’s nice to have an announcer that not only loves the game but gives you a fair and honest perspective of things. Rumor has it that Gruden may re-enter coaching, and while it will be a gain for that team it will be a loss for announcing.

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