Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz's Brain Cramp

The Detroit Lions must be a frustrating team for their fans. They’ve always been one of the league’s worst teams. However, they’ve upgraded the talent and have entered the conversation about being one of the NFL‘s better teams. Last season, the Lions made the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Many expected the Lions to compete for the NFC North crown.

It has been a total disaster.

Yesterday, the Lions played their most crucial game of the season. If the Lions had any hope of getting back into the playoff conversation, the Lions had to beat the Houston Texans. The Lions came to play yesterday – too bad their head coach Jim Schwartz had one of football’s biggest brain cramps and threw a challenge flag to offset a horrible touchdown call by the officials. Had Schwartz not have thrown the flag, the play would have been reviewed and overturned. Based on the NFL rules, if a coach throws a challenge flag on booth review-type play, it becomes a penalty and the play will not be challenged. It is a bad rule, but one a head coach needs to know.

I get that things happen in the heat of battle, but the Lions have been accused of being an undisciplined team. Yesterday’s decision by Schwartz reinforces the idea that this lack of discipline starts at the top. If the Lions fail to make the playoffs (and it will take a miracle of modern man for the Lions to make the playoffs), Schwartz should be fired. This was too critical of a mistake and one that reinforces what we all believe to be true about his coaching.

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