New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Needs to Go

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has always been a polarizing figure. On HBO’s Hard Knocks a few years back, there was a never a dull moment with Ryan. From his eating habits to his coach’s meetings, Ryan was can’t-miss television.

He also was one of the league’s best coaches over that time span as well. In his first two years with the Jets, he lost in the AFC championship games consecutively in 2009 and 2010. Last season, the Jets failed to make the playoffs despite having high expectations. This year, the Jets aren’t a very good football team. Their already fragile and talented quarterback Mark Sanchez wasn’t helped by the addition of Tim Tebow.

Like most of these boisterous coaches, the candle will burn out more quickly when the message gets old. Because of Ryan’s persona, his players are starting to resent his attitude. It shows with the team’s play. Growing up a Chicago Bears fan, I remember how Mike Ditka‘s antics finally grew old. Even Ryan’s father Buddy was a similar type coach. Look no further than Rex’s long-haired brother Rob who’s the defensive coordinator in Dallas Cowboys. As loud as any of these guys yelled, the message gets lost. All of these emotional guys will eventually lose the respect of their players. It is hard to respect a guy that constantly is in your face.

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