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NFL Fan Rant From Bud Light: New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts Edition

Back in Week 11, the New England Patriots hosted the Indianapolis Colts in what was an exciting matchup between two AFC teams that could easily meet in the playoffs come January. While Tom Brady and company had no trouble putting up points against the Colts during their 59-24 win, fans of both teams were in for quite the treat that Sunday and gave us a better idea of which base has the better fans.

The best part about this rivalry between New England and Indianapolis is the way it has stayed strong despite the departure of Peyton Manning–who joined the Denver Broncos during the 2012 season. Brady vs. Manning always provided football fans with a great matchup as these two players will eventually join Canton as two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Colts fans traveled from all across the country to watch their team square off against the Patriots and despite the outcome of the game–they still enjoyed the travel experience just like most football fans do whenever they hit the road. The best part about rivalries in sports is hearing why one team believes they have the better fans than the other and of course–both Patriots and Colts fans had plenty to say about their opponent’s fan base.

So which team do you think has the better fan base–the Patriots or Colts? Be sure to reach out to us on Twitter with the #RML and let us know while enjoying the video above filled with New England and Indianapolis fans!