Rant My Life: Fireman Ed of New York Jets Fan Base Calls it Quits

As if this season hasn’t already been disappointing enough for the New York Jets, their fan base now has to spend the rest of the regular season without the strong support of Fireman Ed–who was always known for rallying the fan base to get them fired up at games.

After making headlines last week for leaving Thursday’s game between the Jets and New England Patriots at halftime, it appears Fireman Ed–who goes by the real name Ed Anzalone–has decided to call it a career as the superfan and will begin attending games as a regular fan instead. Fireman Ed has become quite the popular celebrity over the years and even became known nationwide for starting the famous Jets chant (J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!).

It’s understandable why Fireman Ed would step down now considering how pathetic the Jets have looked at times during the 2012 season, but the main reason behind his decision involved his support for Mark Sanchez as the team’s starting quarterback. Anzalone claims he’s been harassed and confronted by fans throughout the 2012 season for his support of Sanchez too many times apparently it got to the point where he decided it wasn’t worth dealing with at Jets games.

The Sanchez-Tebow debate has been a topic all season for New York considering they’ve won just four games heading into Week 13, but for the fans to treat one of their own like this is nothing short of ridiculous. Anzalone is just like any other fan in sports where he does everything he can to support his team and he should be appreciated for what he’s done over the years instead of being treated this way.

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