No Reason to Make a Big Deal Over Jamaal Charles Asking Peyton Manning For Autograph

With a 1-10 record, this season has obviously gone the way the Kansas City Chiefs were hoping it would and after Sunday’s 17-9 loss to the Denver Broncos–they’re receiving even more criticism for the way two of their players acted around Peyton Manning following the game.

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles has been taking quite the heat this week for asking the future Hall of Fame quarterback for an autograph after the team’s loss because his mother happens to be a big fan of Manning. As for Dwayne Bowe, he simply just asked Manning to pose for a picture–so there was no exchange of autographs in this case.

The thing people have to realize is football is designed to be a sport for the players to have fun and no matter what sport it may be–athletes are always going to be friends with one another. All Charles did was ask Manning for an autograph because he knew how much she would appreciate it and there’s no reason he should be facing any criticism–no matter who they are.

Look at everything Manning has accomplished both on the field with his performances and off the field with his hilarious commercials and it’s easy to understand why he would have so many fans. As long as he didn’t help the Broncos come out on top for their sixth-straight win on Sunday, there’s no reason why anyone should think Charles did something wrong by approaching Manning for an autograph.

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