Rant My Life: Arkansas is Crazy For Thinking Les Miles Would Leave LSU

It could be an interesting next couple of days for the LSU Tigers after rumors emerged about the Arkansas Razorbacks making a five-year, $27.5 million offer to head coach Les Miles. With the team announcing their plans to not have John L. Smith as head coach after this season, did they really think they would be able to lure Miles away from LSU after everything he’s accomplished over the last couple of years?

There’s no question Miles is one of the top coaches in college football and he’s done a lot over the years to get the program where it is today. The money is always going to be a tempting factor, but to leave a program like LSU for a place like Arkansas–which is still recovering from the fallout of Bobby Patrino–would be nothing but ridiculous.

This year has certainly been a season to forget for the Razorbacks considering one of the main reasons why Tyler Wilson decided to return for another season was for the hope of competing for a National Championship. Arkansas started the year ranked in the top 10, but that didn’t last long as they finished the year with a 4-8 record–2-6 in conference play.

Give the Razorbacks credit for wanting to go for one of the top coaches in the game to get things back on track for the 2013 season, but they’re crazy for thinking Miles would ever consider leaving LSU for a team in need of rebuilding.

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