Rant My Life: 49ers Should Be Starting Alex Smith Over Colin Kaepernick

One of the hottest topics in the NFL over the last couple of weeks has been whether the San Francisco 49ers should go with Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith as the starting quarterback. Despite Smith being 100 percent healthy again, Jim Harbaugh made the difficult decision to go with Kaepernick once again as the starter for this weekend’s game against the St. Louis Rams–which could come back and haunt the Niners down the road.

It’s understandable the type of pressure Harbaugh has to deal with as both quarterbacks have done enough to prove they’re worthy of being the starter, but the head coach is making the wrong decision by starting Kaepernick over Smith. Sure, Kaepernick has had the hot hand over the last two games and his wins over the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints have been impressive, but what happens when his hot streak cools down?

We’ve seen plenty of examples in the league where a quarterback looks phenomenal for a game or two–only to end up on the decline down the road. Take a look at what happened with the Philadelphia Eagles a few years ago with Kevin Kolb and how well that worked out for the Arizona Cardinals. It’s still too early to judge Kaepernick, but if Harbaugh was smart enough he would go with the veteran in Smith instead considering the only reason why he lost his job in the first place is because of a concussion he suffered a few weeks ago.

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