Rant My Life: Jay Cutler Receives Unfair Criticism Once Again From Tom Jackson

For some reason, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is always at the center of attention for every single action he does–with the latest coming this week when ESPN’s Tom Jackson criticized him for walking into Soldier Field with his head down and headphones on. Jackson claims Cutler should have been acknowledging the stadium employees working the game, but what gives the ESPN anchor the right to call the Bears quarterback out for something like this?

First off, why should something like this even be an issue considering Jackson doesn’t know the situation. Plenty of players head into stadiums this way before the games get under way, but because it was Cutler in this type of situation–he’s once again being criticized for no reason.

If this happened to another quarterback in the league like Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Jackson or anyone else wouldn’t be saying anything at all. However, the fact that it happened to Cutler means the criticism is going to come out.

There have been numerous incidents throughout the 2012 season where Rodgers performs a controversial act, yet it just gets brushed off like it’s not a big deal–like shoving a camera man out of the way after a frustrating loss. There’s no reason in the world for Jackson to criticize Cutler for the way he entered Soldier Field before last weekend’s game and instead of making this incident a bigger deal than it should be–he needs to just treat it like he would if it was any other quarterback in the league.