Is Former LSU Tigers Star Tyrann Mathieu Ready For the NFL?

It’s been an interesting week for Tyrann Mathieu as the former LSU Tigers star will apparently enter the NFL Draft in April–which brings up the interesting topic about whether or not he’s ready to handle the big leagues.

In my mind, the Honey Badger doesn’t seem ready to be able to handle life at the NFL level–especially when you look at his actions over the last year. Not only was Mathieu dismissed from the team back in August, but he was arrested back in October as well for possession of marijuana.

When taking this all into consideration–how could a player like Mathieu be ready for the next level if he’s going to receive a six or seven figure salary?

This whole thing with Mathieu seems awfully familiar to the situation surrounding the Ohio State Buckeyes back in the day when they were dealing with Maurice Clarett. The former star running back had all of the potential in the world after rushing for more than 1,200 yards and 18 touchdowns as a freshman, but his immaturity got the best of him after numerous incidents led to his dismissal of the team.

Once he finally did receive a shot for the NFL–Clarett was out of shape and nowhere nearly as effective as a running back.

Even if a team takes a chance on the former college football star, there’s a good chance he won’t nearly be as effective as when he was a member of LSU. If Mathieu were really smart, he would wait another year or two to get back in shape before attempting to play at the professional level.