Not Kaepernick Time In San Francisco

The San Francisco 49ers Quarterback controversy is not subsiding. With Colin Kaepernick‘s performance on Sunday the Alex Smith bandwagon that I’ve been driving all along is gaining some speed yet again. At the end of the day, this is a conversation that should not even be in the NFL headlines. Now, does Kaepernick’s production on the field really matter the rest of the way? That would require headstrong coach Jim Harabugh to admit he made the wrong call under center. Highly doubtful.

Kaepernick impressed in his first two games, but the St. Louis Rams exposed the second year quarterback. Inexperience is the one word that comes to mind when describing his effort on Sunday. A third quarter self-inflicted safety, gave the Rams their first points but the 49’ers still lead 10-2 before Kaepernick made another deadly mistake. A pitch that went haywire wound up to seven points the other way with only 3:09 left to play made it a 10-0 ball game. Kaepernick single-handedly gave the Rams 10 points in Sundays loss.

Maybe I’m being to hard on the kid. He did rush for 83 yard on only 9 attempts on Sunday and has two quality wins in just three starts but, Kaepernick single-handedly gave the Rams 10 points in Sundays loss. A 49ers team that returns 21 starters from last seasons playoff team and has an NFL best defense should strive to control the ball, not take risks and turn it over. Alex Smith can be criticized for taking too many sacks or not making the big play however, Smith is excellent when it comes to protecting the ball. Last season smith led all of the NFL with a 1.1 interception to pass attempt ratio. Also, Smith’s 70% completion rate in 2012 was lead tops before being benched.

It is no mystery, Smith is the safer choice and I can not believe Harabugh is so content with him sitting on the sidelines.